11 Reasons Why Bariatric Gummy Vitamins are Bad After Surgery

There are many different ways to fulfill the recommended nutritional guidelines after bariatric surgery, especially without the help of a bariatric vitamin.  Bariatric vitamins are the most effective source of nutrients that patients are likely to be deficient in!

There are dozens of different forms of vitamins and supplements on the market, ranging from chewable forms, to pills, to drinks, to gummies. It can be difficult to figure out which form is best for you.

Many people opt for gummy vitamins because they are easily digested while being a tasty snack. Unfortunately, they are not recommended for any bariatric patients. Here are 11 reasons why gummies vitamins are bad after bariatric surgery!

Why Gummies Are Not a Good Option After Bariatric Surgery

  • There are no bariatric specific gummies. They are not designed for bariatric patients and do not have the correct dosages to fill requirements.
  • Most gummies contain sugar which do not fall in line with post-op diet recommendations.
  • If you were to take multiple gummies to try to fill requirements, you would have to take multiple servings which would be about 10-20 gummies a day and would add 10-30 grams of sugar to your diet (depending on the brand).
  • If you took the amount of servings to fill SOME of your vitamin requirements, you would have to buy multiple bottles of gummies each month which would become costly.
  • May lead to bingeing because they taste like candy.
  • They lack many essential vitamins and minerals.
  • The FDA does not regulate gummy vitamins - so companies do not have to undergo strict regulation processes to determine if they are safe or not.
  • Gummies degrade faster than other forms of vitamins which can cause them to lose potency.
  • Gummies are difficult to manufacture with precision so you are often getting different dosages than what is listed on the label.
  • Gummies do not provide iron which is needed for most bariatric patients.
  • Gummy vitamins do not contain Thiamin. Thiamin deficiency is a complication that can present quickly for bariatric patients and cause serious side effects.

Remember to always choose vitamins that follow ASMBS guidelines. Bariatric vitamins exist for a reason! Nutrient deficiencies can cause major problems over time. Don’t short yourself the supplementation you need to be healthy and maintain weight loss!