About Us

About Emerge Bariatrics

Emerge Bariatrics is dedicated to providing supplements to those who either plan to or already did, in fact, undergo bariatric surgery. Our supplements come in the form of chewable and dissolve-able tablets.

Each of the vitamin supplements sold on our site was specially formulated and provide different benefits regarding overall health. 

Our Mission

To provide nutritional supplements to bariatric patients throughout their journey to long-term weight loss success.

EmergeBariatrics.com is a leader of high-quality bariatric supplements that will help all bariatric patients lose weight safely and quickly. We've partnered with some cool companies to give you the highest quality support and a chance at success.

Why Do I Need Bariatric Surgery Vitamins?

After bariatric surgery, a patient will need to take a variety of vitamins both after their surgery and for a lifetime. Because of changes to your stomach and intestines, the body can no longer absorb necessary nutrients. It’s imperative to take them on a regular basis as severe medical conditions and result from vitamin deficiencies.

Every patient’s specific health needs will be different, so a doctor will perform a blood test to determine the required vitamins for one’s body. Ideally, a blood test will occur on a regular basis to regulate these vitamins and adapt to any changes that occur. 

*Patients should follow the instructions of their bariatric surgeon regarding proper supplementation. Proper supplementation should be viewed as an individualized regimen based on each patient’s individual medical history, laboratory studies, and current medication use.