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Iron and C Vitamin - Grape Flavor

Iron and C Vitamin - Grape Flavor

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Our grape-flavored chewable tablet is formulated to meet the requirements advertised by ASMBS Guidelines. They are also easily consumed and absorbed by your body.

Benefits of Chewable Iron + C by Emerge Bariatrics

  • 100% of your daily Vitamin C requirements
  • 167% of your daily Iron requirements
  • Great-tasting Grape Flavor
  • 30-day Supply

Iron and C Ideal: Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass

Our Iron + C Bariatric Vitamin will provide necessary Iron and Vitamin C after bariatric surgery, while leaving behind a refreshing grape flavor. This product provides 100% of your daily value (DV), ensuring you're adequately achieving proper nutrition to prevent any nutrient deficiencies after bariatric surgery. Do not take within two hours of consuming calcium supplements. 

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