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Calcium 500mg Vitamin - Berries & Cream Flavor - Chewable Bariatric Vitamin

Calcium 500mg Vitamin - Berries & Cream Flavor - Chewable Bariatric Vitamin

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Our calcium citrate-based supplement was formulated by bariatric professionals to ensure successful absorption by your body. This great-tasting, chewable supplement will provide 30 days of proper nutrition after gastric sleeve.

Calcium Vitamin by Emerge Bariatrics:

  • 500 mg of calcium citrate
  • 333 IU of vitamin D3 
  • Great-tasting Berries & Cream Flavor
  • 30-day supply

Calcium Vitamin Ideal: Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Gastric Banding (Lap-Band), Duodenal Switch

Calcium is one of the most important supplements after bariatric surgery. Our calcium is made with the highest quality calcium citrate, which is the recommended form of calcium by bariatric professionals. (discover the difference between calcium citrate vs calcium carbonate).

In addition to calcium, our product contacts 83% of your daily requirements for vitamin D3 (333 IU) and 9% of your daily requirements of magnesium (34 mg). This product contains milk.

Amount of Calcium Contained:

  • 2 tablets = 1000 mcg
  • 3 tablets = 1500 mcg
  • 4 tablets = 2000 mcg

 *To acquire the best absorption possible, take each calcium chew two hours apart from each other. Take two hours apart from any Iron supplement. 

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